1st Corporate Secretarial Seminar



12 CPD

The Institute is committed in supporting its members deliver on their mandate through training, capacity building and sensitization on emerging corporate Secretarial and governance practices. It is against this background that the Institute has organized 1st Corporate Secretarial seminar that aims at enhancing the skills of company secretaries on issues that touch on their day-to-day activities as well as on emerging issues.
This 1st corporate secretarial seminar will provide an opportunity for corporate secretaries, to develop their skills, and emphasizing their role in developing good corporate governance practices in their organizations. It also accentuates the practical skills and knowledge that individuals carrying out the roles of company secretaries need to ensure that organizations practice good governance and boards provide effective leadership. At the end of this training, participants will be equipped with relevant skills and knowledge that they can apply at their work environments. This two days seminar will focus, among other things, on the Role of Corporate Secretary in:

1. Business Ethics;
2. Risk Management;
3. Stress Management;
4. ICT and Social Media;
5. Managing Transitions;
6. Executive Remuneration;
7. Managing Confidential Information;
8. Managing stakeholder expectations;
9. Implementing The Bribery Act, 2016;
10. Implementing Proceeds of Crime and Anti-Money Laundering Laws.
11. Recent legal and regulatory changes affecting the CS profession;
12. Recent global and local trends and practices relevant to corporate secretarial and governance

The Seminar will also look at other emerging areas in corporate governance.