22nd Annual International Conference



The Annual International Conference is one of the Institute’s premier events and is a high level Conference targeted for 300 local and international delegates in senior leadership positions from both the private and public sectors. The Conference will involve panel discussions, case studies and sharing of experiences from renowned global governance experts, practitioners and executives from leading corporates.


1. Strengthening Citizen Participation in Governance of Counties
2. Stakeholder and Public Involvement: Lessons from India
3. Integrated Thinking: A Relational Perspective
4. Assessing Contribution by Professionals in Promotion of Governance
5. Governance in Trade Unions
6. Governance Scorecard: Assessing Contribution by Political Parties
7. The Role of the Supreme Audit Office in Promoting Good Governance in Institutions
8. The Role of Leadership in Organizational Excellence
9. Governance Assessment: Value Proposition
10. Future of Governance in Issuers of Securities to the Public
11. Role of SCAC in promoting governance in state corporations
12. Family as the Foundation of a Sustainable and Ethical Society


Tuition fees per delegate for this three day (3) Conference is Kshs. 45,000 and Kshs. 55,000 for members and non-members respectively. The fees cover participation in the Conference, Training Materials, Institute Insignia, Group Photo, Certificate, Tea/Coffee and Lunch for the Conference Period.