3rd International Governance Summit



18 CPD


1. Innovation Strategies in Public Service Delivery;
2. Bridging the Gap between Academia and Industry;
3. Role of Boards in Promoting Creativity and Innovations;
4. Governance Research in Developing Local Best Practices;
5. Keeping Pace with Rapidly Expanding Knowledge Society;
6. Role of Educational System in Promoting an Ethical Culture;
7. Building Effective Boards for an Emergent Knowledge Society;
8. Boards of the Future and Challenges of the Knowledge Society;
9. Aligning Education Systems with a Global Knowledge Economy;
10. Governance in the Education Sector for a Competitive Economy;
11. Role of Parenting in Promoting an Ethical Culture in a Knowledge Economy;
12. Role of County Governments in Implementing Knowledge Economy Strategies;
13. Research and Knowledge Management for Organizational Development and Sustainability.