Board Induction & Evaluation Seminar



18 CPD

The objective of Board induction is to provide new directors with the information they will need to become as effective as possible in their role within the shortest practicable time. An effective Board Induction programme should build an understanding of the nature of the company, its business and the markets in which it operates; Build a link with the company’s people; and build an understanding of the company’s main relationships. Board Induction should therefore ensure an understanding of the role of a director and the framework within which the board operates. On the hand, Board evaluation provides valuable feedback for improving effectiveness of the Board in its strategic role of oversighting the management of an organization. Indeed, research has proved that Boards of organizations that regularly evaluate their performance are more effective than those that don’t. A Board evaluation should not just be a tick-box exercise but should result in real value addition to a Board as well as accountability and transparency to stakeholders. Mwongozo, The Code of Governance for State Corporations in Kenya, as well as other Codes of Governance in Kenya require that the Board annually appraises its performance to identify strengths, collective skill gaps and individual areas of improvement.
Through a combination of practical exercises, case studies, examinations and Experiential Adult Learning approach, this three days Seminar will provide participants with skills of effectively carrying out or preparing their organizations for a Board evaluation exercise. Participants will also discuss the challenges faced by their own organizations and set out an action plan for positive change in their Boards. Participants will also share their experiences and discuss some practical guidance.