Capacity Building Programme: Essentials of a CS


12 CPD

Whether you have recently started working in company secretarial practice in your company, law or
accountancy firm or you are about to start working in this area, this introductory course will give you a
basic grounding in the key aspects of day to day company secretarial practice. The course will give you
the tools to allow you to approach routine company secretarial compliance tasks with confidence and
an understanding of the company law framework within which these are carried out.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this two days course, participants will learn the following:
• Relevant practices and procedures in company secretarial work.
• Practical tips on dealing with key routine compliance tasks.
• Practical tips on dealing with people within the organization.
• How the legal regulations are applied through discussing real life scenarios.
• New developments on the horizon in company secretarial practice.


To achieve the above learning objectives, the following topics will be discussed.

1. Legal and regulatory framework for Certified Secretaries Profession.
2. Emerging Issues and Career Progression in the CS Profession
3. Essential skills for a highly effective CS
a. Emotional Intelligence
b. Communication Skills
c. Organizational and Planning Skills
4. Essential duties for a CS
a. Administrative duties
b. Compliance duties
c. Governance duties
5. Dealing with Organizational and Board Dynamics