Corporate Secretarial Seminar 2018



12 CPD

A significant percentage of businesses in Kenya is comprised of family owned business. It is a well-established fact that one of the main prerequisite to assure sustainability of any business, whether a large listed company or a small family business, is good governance. Therefore, Certified Secretaries working for ffamily owned businesses, either as full time employees or part-time company secretaries, are often times expected to advise their clients on matters of governance. Often times, the family and business are intertwined with some unique family issues like estate plans, transitions, family conflicts, and family values directly affecting governance and performance of the business. It is therefore imperative for the outsider professional manager, consultant or governance adviser to understand this special relationship between the business and the family and therefore be more effective in rendering professional services to the business.

This two days training will therefore be most ideal for company secretaries, consultants, family members, directors, key officers, and other stakeholders of family businesses. It will equip company secretaries with relevant skills of advising their clients in matters of corporate governance structures and best practices to promote business sustainability. After successful participation in this two days seminar, participant will:

  • Understand appropriate governance policies and structures for different phases of the life cycle of family businesses.
  • Learn how to develop a successful family business across successive generations.
  • Identify underlying values and principles of efficient governance of family-owned businesses,
  • Learn how to separate family and corporate governance issues.