CS Practitioners’ Seminar 2020


12 CPD

In September 2015 the Kenya Government embarked on major legal reforms on governance and regulation
of commercial entities. The aim of these reforms is to modernize and simplify the legal and
regulatory system and therefore provide an enabling environment for doing business in the country.

Compliance requirements are embedded in the Companies Act, 2015. Understanding compliance requirements
under the Companies Act and filing of changes with the Registrar of Companies is essential
for any practicing company secretary. To effectively serve clients, Certified Secretaries, like all other professionals,
must therefore be conversant with key provisions of the new statutes.

The aim of this seminar therefore is to create awareness and understanding of the new business laws
among Certified Secretaries and other relevant actors and to track the significant changes that have
been effected especially on fillings at the companies registry and also to get feedback on the impact
these changes have had on our practice.

This course will comprehensively cover the following topics:

1. Changes in Shareholders – share transfers and transmission
2. Changes in Directors
3. Changes in Share Capital
4. Changes in Company Secretary
5. Linking of Companies
6. Compliance and Strategic Issues affecting Family Owned Businesses