Executive Workshop on Meetings and Procedures


18 CPD

Meetings are an integral part of any institution. It’s through meetings that valuable results are realized including information exchange, relationships, collaboration, creativity, innovation and quality decision making. With the ever increasing length and frequency of meetings time, it is important to have them run professionally and efficiently towards realizing strategic
objectives of an institution.

Ineffective meetings are soul-sucking and time wasters resulting to burnouts, inefficiency, unproductivity and strategic inertia. Valuable time is lost as people spend so much time in such meetings at the expense of executing institution’s core objectives. Fortunately, institutions need not view meetings as ‘necessary evil’ any more. The Institute has extensively researched on, published and invested in interventions aimed at capacity building for organizations that wish to drive results through efficient meetings. This executive workshop is one of those interventions.

This Executive Workshop is designed to equip chairpersons, board members, corporatesecretaries and top executives with relevant knowledge and skills in effective management of meetings. The workshop will be delivered through active learning, with theories, demonstrations, sharing of experiences, videos, role plays, reflections and case studies. The programme will be delivered in a total number of three (3) days.

  • The content for discussion during this workshop include:
  • Designing forward looking agenda
  • Board Dynamics at meetings
  • How emotionally intelligent people run meetings
  • Bad meetings are silent killers: Rescue techniques
  • Board packs and minutes for highly impactful meetings
  • Meetings that yields results for high-performance boards
  • Tips from the steering wheel: Taking control of a meeting
  • ICT-Enabled meetings in achieving corporate goals
  • Leading difficult and crisis meetings
  • Dealing with an overbearing chairperson
  • Managing problematic members and personality conflicts
  • Building synergy between board chair and corporate secretary at meetings

This workshop is designed for those in senior leadership positions whether in private, public
or civil organizations.