Seminar on Share Registration, Dividends & ESOPs



12 CPD

This seminar intends to address issues specific to Corporate Secretarial Practice and governance. In particular, the seminar will focus on Share Registration, Dividends Management and Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs). Emphasis will be put on key best practices as well as governance and compliance requirements under the Companies Act 2015. In this regard, the scope to be covered in this seminar includes best practice in:

1. Role of CS in Share Registration, Dividends Management and ESOPs.
2. Management of Unclaimed Dividends and Shares
3. Shares Transfers: Methods, Reasons to Refuse Transfer, Tax Implications of
Conveyance of Shares.
4. Over-The-Counter Share Transfer.
5. Share Transmissions and Immobilizations.
6. Management of Bonds.
7. Employee Stock Option/Ownership Plan.
8. Management and Processing of Dividends.
9. Share Register Maintenance.
10. Managing Shareholders Relations.
11. Shareholder Rights
12. Dividend Plans
13. Dividend Policy